Licensing – It never gets better, it just gets more awkward

When you’re hearing a briefing from a IT company, it’s easy to get bogged down in new features, architectural changes, and value propositions. What often gets lost when taking a high level overview is the actual implementation and living with a solution long term.

Jake Snyder does a great job illustrating the licensing morass that many organizations have to deal with. These aren’t decisions about what routers, APs, or other infrastructure are best for their organization. Rather it’s how to obtain the rights to use that technology for the least amount of money that’s bedeviling to organizations.

I remember a recent Tech Field Day presentation from KEMP Technologies, and they spent significant time delving into their innovating licensing model. At the time it really didn’t strike too much of a cord. But after reading Jake’s piece, I’m sure that focus is very relevant to any number of organizations.

Jake Snyder comments:

I have worked in the VAR/reseller space for over 8 years, and in that time I can’t recall a major shift in licensing that left me with the opportunity to go have enjoyable conversations with my customers.  Never did licensing get simpler, easier or seem to make more sense.

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