Pondering Red Hat’s Future with IBM

Like a lot of people in IT, Chin-Fah Heoh is coming to terms with what the OBM acquisition of Red Hat will mean. For him, it takes the open-source darling and pairs it with a “nonplussed tech giant” in IBM.

While he thinks this will ultimately be a win for both companies, but that it shows a bit of desperation from IBM to solve the problem of stagnating revenue.

In our discussion of the acquisition, the Gestalt IT team was unanimous that the best case scenario would be for IBM to leave Red Hat in much the same way that Dell treats VMware. Chin-Fah seems to agree, although I think everyone is skeptical if that will actually happen.

Chin-Fah Heoh comments:

Now, what happens next? Redhat, as we were informed, will remain an independent pillar for IBM. That is keyIBM cannot lay its grubby hands on Redhat and ruin a well-oiled company because history has shown us IBM’s record of acquisitions. Redhat must resist IBM’s future advances to tinker and meddle, and ensure that the Linux ecosystem continues to grow and thrive. The same goes for the other projects like Openstack and containers.

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