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Red Hat and IBM Enter the AI Race

One of the things announced at the Red Hat Summit this year is InstructLab. An AI community project, InstructLab is the product of the collaboration between Red Hat and IBM.

For quite some time, IBM has been working on a new methodology called Large-scale Alignment for Chatbots, abbreviated as LAB. It is a way to introduce new data into foundational models to improve their scalability at the fine-tuning phase. Based on the same approach, InstructLab provides large LLMs for GenAI applications. This lends enterprises an easy and affordable way to tweak and continually improve their models.

The project seeks to make the alignment of LLMs better while encouraging people with limited AI skills to contribute to the community.

In this episode of Gestalt IT News Rundown, Tom Hollingsworth and Stephen Foskett share their views on this announcement, and what this collaboration means for the individual companies.

To get a rundown of the announcements from the Red Hat Summit 2024, check out Paul Nashawaty’s article on this. Be sure to catch the News Rundown every Wednesday for more such interesting editorial discussions on technology.

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