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6GHz with Cisco and Meraki

6GHz Wi-Fi is the new kid in the block these days. Announced in 2020, it has been one of the most awaited arrivals in Wi-Fi in 20 years. We all know the reason for that. 6GHz Wi-Fi changes Wi-Fi connectivity in a significant way. Thanks to it, we can finally say goodbye to the days of spectrum congestion when too many devices would be jostling with one another to connect over one frequency band and get dropped off as a result.

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6GHz Wi-Fi brings with it new spectrum and with it a lot of room so that no one device has to get through too many competing signals. The new version of Wi-Fi has a maximum capacity of 7 Wi-Fi streams which if you know anything about Wi-Fi signals is a lot. In short, no more interference for your devices. The enhanced 6E version makes things even better.

Recently, Cisco and Meraki announced their Wi-Fi 6E access points both of which obviously come with 6GHz functionality. Rowell Dionicio, a Field Day delegate talks about both the products and their capabilities in his article- “Cisco and Meraki – 6GHz Access Points”. In his blog he writes,

As the industry braces for the influx of new devices ready to take advantage of the new spectrum, Cisco and Meraki see the industry staggering their upgrades towards 6 GHz.

Read the rest of his article- “Cisco and Meraki – 6GHz Access Points” to learn about the specifications of the Cisco Catalyst 9136 and Meraki MR57. Another great resource to check out on this subject would be this month’s Tomversations- “Don’t Wait for Wi-Fi 7“with Tom Hollingsworth where he talks Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7.

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