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A Case for Password Managers

Through the passing years, as the internet has grown bigger, it has also become unsafe, especially recently with the rapid rise of sophisticated threats. Yet so few of us use a password manager. Most of us put all our faith in long passwords throwing caution in the wind. Yes, long and complex passwords are harder to crack and those with special characters are even better in terms of strength and security, but they are also harder to remember. Besides, it’s not just an argument of weak and strong passwords. Experts recommend a good password manager or something like a secrets manager if you are an organization because password managers are way less likely to be breached.

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What it does is, it secures your logins through encryption and put them all under a master password. It’s like putting all your credentials in a vault that only you have the key to. By now we are all aware that the costs of being hacked aren’t exactly small. But still few of us are fully convinced of the importance of a secrets manager or a password manager.

Chris Hayner, technologist, architect, and a Field Day delegate makes a case for password managers. In a short and informative article titled- “Yes, You Do Need A Password Manager, Brett. Yes You Do!”, Chris advises users to consider using a password manager for better online safety. In the article, he talks about the differences between a password manager and a secrets manager, how to choose a password manager and why you may need one. He writes,

A Password Manager is an essential security feature for individual users and enterprises alike. The average internet denizen has to remember 70-80 passwords and accounts, and using the same few passwords over and over is very insecure. Now add in enterprises, who need to secure more than just passwords alone.

Read his article “Yes, You Do Need A Password Manager, Brett. Yes You Do!” to learn why you should be joining the small but growing community of Internet users that relies on a password manager and how it makes life easy.

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