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One of the biggest news on the social media front today is the slow fading of Twitter. Twitter has lost a substantial chunk of its user base in the recent months, following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform and his subsequent parade of off-kilter decisions. But Twitter’s decline has been underway since a long time, and has its root not in these events, but in the gradual evolution of the platform.

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A lot of active users who frequently used Twitter to voice ideas and viewpoints have sounded frustration on the platform’s preferential engagement policies. Twitter’s strategic boosting of engagement and reach by undermining the interests of users has turned many users away over the years.

In an article titled “Consuming Content the Way You Want”, former network engineer, and Field Day lead, Tom Hollingsworth shares his experience of moving away from Twitter. He writes,

When I first started out on Twitter I could post things that were interesting to me. I could craft the way I posted those short updates. Did I want to be factual and dry? Or should I be more humorous and snarky? I crafted my own voice as I shared with others. My community grew organically. People that were interested in what I had to say joined up. Others chose to stick with their own circles. The key is that I was allowed to develop what I wanted to present to those around me.

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