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Assessing the Value of A.I. Like ChatGPT

The biggest disruptor in AI currently is an experimental chatbot that we know as ChatGPT. Based on generative AI, ChatGPT can perform a surprisingly long list of things that range from answering questions to coming up with ideas to explaining concepts in plain speak. But opinions around it is mixed, and in fact quite conflicting. And the biggest of them is the lingering question – is the purpose of AI to enable or replace humans?

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Tim M. Crawford, a top CIO and a Field Day delegate, answers this question. In the article titled – “Is generative AI disruptive or enabling?”, Crawford shares his views on this. He writes,

In just the past 48 hours, both Google and Microsoft have made major announcements about their generative AI endeavors. Yesterday, Google announced a new conversational AI service called Bard which is based on LaMDA. Today, Microsoft announced they are reinventing search with new AI-powered Bing and Edge browsers.

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