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Balancing Work and Life

Consistent work stress presents greater risks to health than previously realized, studies say. The long work weeks, packed with back-to-back meetings and deadlines spawns FOMO, and the pressure to stay tuned 24/7 leaves us restless and fatigued. Ironically, the more hours you put in, the more the feeling deepens until it becomes an ever-present cycle of anxiety and exhaustion. Some call it burnout.

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J Michel Metz, Chair of SNIA’s Board of Directors, and Technical Director at AMD, shares his wake-up moment as he experiences the passing away of a dear colleague, and what he taught him about work-life balance. In his blog “A Wake-Up Call”, Metz writes,

The last few weeks have been pedal-to-the-metal.

I’ve been putting out a nearly obscene amount of output. I’ve written nearly 20,000 words on various documents (that few people will likely ever read – the joys of being in tech), I’ve been pulling 60, 70, even 80-hour weeks. When it rains, it pours; the number of fire-drills has increased almost exponentially.

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