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Chocolatey: What Is It?

How do you go about installing an app on your phone or computer? You find it in the app marketplace of your OS or on the website, click “Download”, and proceed to install following the instructions on the screen, right? That may not be hard, but some would say the tedious process of clicking a bunch inefficient, and definitely old-fashioned. Well, Chocolatey can help with that!

An application installer for Windows, Chocolatey is a package manager designed for developers that automates installations, upgrades, and even uninstallations with only the least bit of interaction from the users. With installations, it downloads the executable file of a program and directly install it without the users needing to interact. Now that’s easy.

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There are a lot of other cool things that you can do with Chocolatey to make managing software really easy. An article that can give you a quick rundown of everything that Chocolatey does is Sarah Lean’s “Chocolatey: What Is It?”. Sarah Lean, a long-time IT professional and a subject matter expert offers a quick guide to Chocolatey. In her blogpost, she writes,

Chocolatey is a free open source package manager for Windows.  It can help you install, manage and upgrade software on your desktops or servers.

It can help make life easier than finding the MSI or EXE file needed to install software then walking through those installation wizards.

Read her full blog- “Chocolatey: What Is It?” if you are considering using Chocolatey for your Windows machines.

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