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Ekahau Optimizer – Troubleshoot Your Office Wi-Fi Like a Pro

Ekahau, a Finnish company that manufactures Wi-Fi design and spectrum analytic tools, has introduced a new Wi-Fi analyzer. Ekahau Optimizer offers super-fast diagnosis, and step by step remediation of Wi-Fi issues – no expertise required.

Image: Sulagna Saha (c) Gestalt IT

Designed to be flexible and user-friendly, the solution can be used by anybody in IT. To perform a quality check, all you need to do is walk around the premise with the Ekahau Sidekick 2, their Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device. Connected to the device, the Optimizer will pick up errors and anomalies, generate analytics and issue troubleshooting recommendations, all in an instant. It is that simple!

Network specialist, Rasika Nayanajith reviews Ekahau Optimizer on his blog, and provides a list of its best features. He writes,

Ekahau released a cool feature called “Optimizer” to provide you an expert view on your wireless environment based on validation data collected. It is based on general best practices of Wi-Fi deployments and comes in 10 different criteria that we used in Wi-Fi design.

Read Nayanajith’s article – “Optimize Wi-Fi with Ekahau” to learn about the features that make Ekahau Optimizer a great solution to have for quick Wi-Fi diagnostics and fixes.

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