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Jewels in the Sky

Earlier this week, NASA released the first shots taken with the James Webb Space Telescope, and the images are breathtakingly beautiful!

By far the deepest, most vivid infrared photographs of the universe taken till date, they reveal thousands of distant galaxies and galactic events billions of lightyears ago.

Southern Ring Nebula Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScl

Deployed only a short time back, the James Webb Space Telescope is already fully operational – a dazzling symbol of human intrepidity, a million miles away from home, tucked in the earth’s shadow, studying the universe and its mysteries with probing eyes.

The infrared images originally invisible to human eye were developed into full-colored images after spectrometric analysis for public viewing.

The bundle constituted five images, all looking back in time to when the universe was formed. These images are the farthest any of us has ever seen.

The first one that captures a tapestry of stars and planets only covers a portion of the sky so microscopic that it is being compared to a sand grain viewed at arm’s length.

Other images showed gigantic stellar nurseries, cluster of galaxies, a dying star and a graph of the atmospheric composition of an exoplanet.

NASA said that the first shots are only a sneak preview of how far and deep the James Webb Telescope can see.

Check out the images and find out more about them at Nasa’s website.

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