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Managing Data in InfluxDB Home Assistant Database

Is your place a smart home? If yes, then you probably already use some kind of home automation application like Home Assistant to stay on top of your energy footprint. A popularly used open-source tool, Home Assistant provides actionable insights about energy consumption which are helpful to optimize utilization and reduce cost.

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For long-term storing of sensor data, InfluxDB is the storage of choice. A time-series database, it records events at the rate of thousands of points per second. But as the volume of data starts to grow, one might find it difficult, and after a while, wild to mange it in InfluxDB.

In the blog, titled “Home Assistant: InfluxDB Data Management (LXC)”, long-time infrastructure-specialist-turned-cybersecurity-expert, Derek Seaman, demonstrates two approaches to managing InfluxDB data effectively when large amounts of data are involved. He writes,

This post covers a two pronged approach to managing your Home Assistant InfluxDB data. First, you can setup InfluxDB includes/excludes in Home Assistant which limit what data is sent to InfluxDB in the first place. This is highly configurable and what you want to keep long term is entirely up to you. Second, you can downsample your data.

To read about the solutions in depth, be sure to read Seaman’s article – “Home Assistant: InfluxDB Data Management (LXC)”. For more updates like this, sign up to our free weekly newsletter today.

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