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Marketing – Advertising Hot Air or High-Quality Messaging?

Marketing is a widely misplaced term in business. Interpreted differently across the board, the word “marketing” is often understood as the way to promote and sell a product or service. But in theory, marketing is as much about product as it is about promotion.

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Generally, a product or service that is good and that fills a need not currently met in the market creates its own demand. Marketing, in this case, generates interest and elevates awareness in the target audience which is its true purpose. But often, a disproportionate amount of emphasis is laid on making products look outstanding than making products that stand out on their own.

A big reason for that is marketing offers a way for companies to put a pretty bow on a perfectly mediocre or even substandard product. With a little spit and polish, and marketing charm, it is quite possible to present a bad product as an irresistible one. Put into practice, this can blur the line between a good product and a bad one, leaving buyers misguided and confused.

On a recent episode of Tech Aunties Podcast, Angelia McFarland, and Field Day delegate, Gina Rosenthal peel back the layers of marketing practices to reveal the realities of marketing in the current economy. McFarland says,

I have watched as marketing has lost its seat at the table at so many corporations and the discipline of marketing has been diffused so much across so many other roles to the point where it has become innocuous at best and harmful at worst.

Check out the podcast – “S1E2: Episode 1: The road to Wussville – or Marketing’s not so grand adventure” to listen to the entire conversation.

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