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Intel, Arm, AMD, and More Announcements from Hot Chips 2023 | Gestalt IT Rundown: August 30, 2023

At Hot Chips 2023, Intel unveiled Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids Xeon processors targeting data centers. Sierra Forest is Intel’s first E-core Xeon with 144 CPU cores, while Granite Rapids focuses on core performance. Arm introduced Neoverse Compute Subsystem, aiding Neoverse N2 core integration. AMD previewed Siena Epyc processors for edge computing with up to 64 cores, notable power efficiency, and a compact form, catering to the edge computing market’s demands.

1:06 – Google Revs Up Storage Offerings

Google introduced new storage solutions for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) at Next 2023. These include Google Cloud NetApp Volumes for enterprise data migration, Cloud Storage FUSE for customizable file systems, and Parallelstore, a high-performance file system for AI and HPC workloads. These additions underscore the increasing focus on data storage in the public cloud, particularly for emerging applications like AI.

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4:09 – Arm Files for a NASDAQ Listing

The long-awaited Arm IPO has been filed. SoftBank, the owner of Arm, has filed paperwork to take the company public. SoftBank purchased Arm for $32 billion back in 2016. There had been a deal in place to sell the compnay to Nvidia that eventually fell apart last year. Arm sales were down in the second quarter, which could create complications for the IPO even as the market for chips heats up in the enterprise.

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7:20 – Apica Acquires LOGIC.AI and Raises $10 Million in Funding

Apica, a leader in synthetic monitoring and observability, has acquired LOGIQ.AI and raised $10 million in funding to introduce “Active Observability,” a unique blend of synthetic monitoring and observability solutions. This approach addresses data challenges for IT, DevOps, and monitoring teams by offering comprehensive data pipeline control, a unified information view, and efficient high-quality storage. This integration is set to enhance performance analysis and cut costs for enterprise customers, with LOGIQ.AI’s features integrated into Apica’s Ascent platform expected to launch in Q3 of this year.

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9:40 – Cisco and Nutanix Form Global Partnership

Cisco and Nutanix announced a global partnership for hybrid cloud customers. Cisco’s UCS and Intersight platforms can now officiallly run Nutanix’s Cloud Platform and will be sold directly by Cisco. The solution is verfied and fully integrated to provide users with the full support of both companies after deployment. Tom, what does this partnership provide on both sides?

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12:54 – IBM Bumps Tape to 50TB

IBM unveiled the TS1170 tape drive featuring 50 TB cartridges, surpassing LTO-9 capacity. With 400 MBps raw throughput, it supports 150 TB compressed capacity through 3:1 compression. This proprietary tape format outpaces LTO-9’s capacity, highlighting IBM’s dominance in the field of enterprise tape.

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16:28 – Europe’s DSA Hits Big Internet Platforms

The EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) requires major tech platforms like Meta, TikTok, and Google to be more transparent and accountable, but these platforms seem unprepared for its enforcement. The DSA aims to curb harmful content and enhance transparency in algorithm usage. Companies such as Facebook and TikTok have failed DSA tests, raising questions about its effectiveness. The EU’s approach to enforcement and its potential impact on tech regulations and user rights remain uncertain.

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20:30 – Intel Previews Next Xeons

At Hot Chips 2023, Intel unveiled its upcoming Xeon processors: Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids. Sierra Forest, built on the Intel 3 process node, is Intel’s first E-core Xeon for data centers, while Granite Rapids employs all P-cores. Both chips share the same platform, supporting up to 12 memory channels and introducing Multiplexer Combined Ranks (MCR) DIMM. Sierra Forest boasts 144 CPU cores, while Granite Rapids focuses on improved core performance. These processors mark Intel’s bid to regain data center market dominance.

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29:02 – Arm Presents Neoverse V2 and CSS at Hot Chips 2023

Arm showcased two sessions at Hot Chips 2023, highlighting their Neoverse processor designs. In the first session, Arm introduced the Neoverse Compute Subsystem (CSS), a solution that enables customers to seamlessly integrate Neoverse N2 cores into their designs. What does this mean for the datacenter?

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33:50 – AMD Siena Targets Devices at the Edge

At the Hot Chips conference, AMD has provided a glimpse of its upcoming Siena family of Epyc processors tailored for edge computing. These processors are designed to offer up to 64 cores and six memory channels, focusing on power efficiency and a smaller form factor. The Siena silicon is projected to have power consumption ranging from 70W to 225W, showcasing a significant reduction compared to other AMD silicon configurations. The specific Zen core variant (Zen 4 or Zen 4c) being utilized in the Siena processors has not been confirmed. The chips are expected to ship later this year, serving the edge computing market’s demands.

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41:37 – The Weeks Ahead

SNIA SDC and Storage Field Day 26 – September 18-21, 2023

Edge Field Day 2 – October 4-5, 2023

Cloud Field Day 18 + OCP Summit – October 18-19, 2023

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