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Migrating Applications to Google Cloud

Migrating applications across environments always ends up being more painful than anticipated. That’s why a little help is always welcome. Alastair Cooke, consultant and writer and a Field Day delegate collaborated with The CTOAdvisor to get hands-on with app migration. In a tutorial titled “Migrating to Google Compute Platform – Fit Assessment”, he gives step-by-step instructions on how to move applications to Google Cloud.

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He writes-

The first step is to select or deploy a Linux machine to run the Fit analysis. I chose to deploy a new Ubuntu VM using my template. Once the VM deployed, I logged onto it using PuTTY and a standard userID, not root. The commands to download and make the Fit tool ready to run were taken directly from the documentation:

For the full tutorial, read his blog “Migrating to Google Compute Platform – Fit Assessment” on Build Day Live.

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