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New Restrictions Aimed at China’s Chip Manufacturing

After sweeping regulations imposed by the US Department of Commerce, China’s domestic semiconductor industry is at a threat. The trade war with China has gone beyond just escalation of political tension between two countries. This time, it’s China’s future in supercomputing that hinges on this.

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Author Dylan Patel talks about the economic cold war between US and China and the reasons behind the new rules in his recent article, “China and USA Are Officially At Economic War – Technology Restriction Overview”. He writes,

There were two main sets of regulatory actions taken today. The first is a new ruling on new export controls for advanced computing, semiconductor manufacturing, and the general semiconductor supply chain. The other is adding 31 companies to the unverified list and modifying how companies on the unverified list must be treated. Both these changes will shift the landscape of technology and industry and reduce global trade by hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

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