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Year in Review 2022 | Gestalt IT Rundown: December 21, 2022

Join us for the Rundown of all our 2022 Rundowns! We’re looking at the big picture and linking the various stories throughout the year. See how things like DPU and ARM drove companies like AMD and Intel to make big moves in the industry. How did technologies like 5G and Quantum Computing impact the world? Are companies looking to move away from China’s chipmaking dominance? Will hackers steal your info? Tune in for a super-sized Rundown of all these stories and more!

0:31 | Chips are Migrating Outside of China

As we mentioned last week there’s been a lot of news around China in 2022, both dealing with the tech industry in the country as well as other countries looking to reduce their dependence on Chinese industry.

Read More: Intel “mega-fab” coming to Ohio, reports say

Read More: Intel to Invest at Least $19 Billion for New Chips Plant in Germany

Read More: Chip giants threaten to scale back U.S. expansion without subsidies

Read More: SK vows $22 bn new capex in U.S., $15 bn to enhance chip R&D and packaging capacity

Read More: Micron Breaks Ground in Its $15 Billion EUV DRAM Fab in the U.S.

Read More: Exclusive: Biden to hit China with broader curbs on U.S. chip and tool exports -sources

4:31 | 5G Finds Interference

5G is a transformational technology for end users but it doesn’t come without challenges. We saw a couple of big stories this year around 5G that could impact the future of how we use it.

Read More: 5G apocalypse is here as major airlines suspend U.S. flights

Read More: Broadcom Launches Wi-Fi 7 Portfolio for Access Points and Client Devices

Read More: Airport 5G restrictions should be made permanent, says aviation body

Read More: Exclusive: FAA warns of aviation safety risks without U.S. mandate on 5G limits

6:47 | AMD Makes a Mover for the Top

AMD spent the year positioning themselves to challenge for the crown of chip makers. Acqusitions and announcements have analysts excited for what is in store.

Read More: AMD Might Have to Wait Behind Intel and Apple for TSMC’s 3nm Wafers

Read More: AMD Technology Roadmap from AMD Financial Analyst Day 2022

Read More: The Steady Hand Guiding AMD’s “Prudently Expanding” Datacenter Business

Read More: Why AMD “Genoa” Epyc Server CPUs Take the Heavyweight Title

Read More: AMD’s 96-core Epyc CPUs leapfrog Intel to put DDR5, PCIe 5.0 in the datacenter

Read More: AMD EPYC Genoa Gaps Intel Xeon in Stunning Fashion

Read More: AMD Seizes Performance Crown with 4th Gen EPYC, Genoa

9:09 | DPUs Are Shifting the Way We Do Work

2022 saw the rise of the DPU and a shift in the way that workloads will be built around the technology. Vendors scrambled to rearm their lineups around this innovation.

Read More: Update: AMD’s Acquisition of Xilinx Receives Regulatory Go, Deal Closes at $49B

Read More: China finally green lights AMD–Xilinx merger

Read More: Xilinx Presents at Tech Field Day 24

Read More: AMD Acquires Pensando for its DPU Future

Read More: Key:value SSD controller Pliops gains $100 million funding

Read More: Fungible sold to Microsoft for $190 million, say multiple sources

10:57 | ARM is More Than Just Cheap CPUs

Speaking of ARM, there was a LOT of news this year about non-x86 technology. Could 2023 be the year of ARM and RISC-V?

Read More: Nvidia Quietly Prepares to Abandon $40 Billion Arm Bid

Read More: SiFive Raises $175M To Quicken ‘Arm Intercept’ Strategy

Read More: Ampere Announces 5nm Arm Server CPU AmpereOne

Read More: HPE Unveils ProLiant Server With 128-Core Ampere Altra Max CPU

Read More: Qualcomm is jumping back into the server CPU market with Nuvia acquisition

Read More: Arm Sues Qualcomm over Nuvia IP Misappropriation and Trademark Infringement

Read More: Arm Neoverse V2 Cores Launched for NVIDIA Grace and CXL 2.0 PCIe Gen5 CPUs

Read More: Ventana Plans to Bring RISC-V Chip to HPC

14:39 | Not Your Parents’ Hackers

It wouldn’t be a Rundown without a hacking and security story. However, instead of just mentioning Yet Another Ransomware attack there were a couple of key pieces of news this year that colored the way that we look at intrusions.

Read More: Nvidia says its ‘proprietary information’ is being leaked by hackers

Read More: Teen Suspected by Cyber Researchers of Being Lapsus$ Mastermind

Read More: Department of Justice Announces New Policy for Charging Cases under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Read More: Cisco admits hack on IT network, links attacker to LAPSUS$ threat group

Read More: Uber Investigating Breach of Its Computer Systems

16:59 | HPC Performance Accelerates

If you want to make the big bucks in the compute market in modern times you need to have a solution for the customers that crave the best performance. HPC saw lots of development and some big news items, with Nvidia claiming lots of attention with a product line by the name of Grace Hopper.

Read More: NVIDIA Hopper GPU Architecture and H100 Accelerator Announced: Working on Smarter and Harder

Read More: Los Alamos supercomputer will use Nvidia’s Grace Hopper processors

Read More: Intel ISC 2022 Keynote Rialto Bridge after Ponte Vecchio and Falcon Shores

19:28 | Quantum Computing is Almost Ready for IT

The future of computing lies in the Quantum realm. That doesn’t mean that the future is here yet.

Read More: White House wants nation to prepare for cryptography-breaking quantum computers

Read More: NIST announces four quantum-resistant algorithms

Read More: HPE Is Texas Bound| Gestalt IT Rundown: December 2, 2020

Read More: Tomversations: Episode 9 – Post-Quantum Cryptography

Read More: Tomversations: Episode 10 – Quantum Computers are the Future

Read More: Post-quantum encryption contender is taken out by single-core PC and 1 hour

20:56 | The Rise of CXL

CXL is going to change the way that computers look and act. This isn’t a shift in consumption but a fundemental change in the way they are designed and constructed at scale. From PCIe to UCIe to the next-generation server platforms, CXL is emerging as the technology to watch.

Read More: PCI Express 6.0 Specification Finalized: x16 Slots to Reach 128GBps

Read More: Industry Consortium Forms to Drive UCIe Chiplet Interconnect Standard

Read More: PCIe 7.0 to quadruple the bandwidth of current-gen devices

Read More: OCP BoW or Bunch-of-Wires Specification Announced

Read More: OpenCAPI to Fold into CXL – CXL Set to Become Dominant CPU Interconnect Standard

Read More: Flash Memory Summit thematic extraction

Read More: Samsung Shows Off CXL Server Memory Expander

Read More: IntelliProp First to Market with Memory Fabric Based on CXL; Driving Most Disruptive Technology to Hit Data Centers in Decades

Read More: IntelliProp has chips to build CXL fabric

Read More: Rambus offers chip designers a drop-in PCIe 6.0 subsystem

Read More: RAMBUS Roaring Back with CXL

25:28 | VMware Negotiates an Uncertain Future Again

We only thought the news of VMware being spun out of Dell last year was a huge story. VMware and Broadcom managed to top it in the second half of the year.

Read More: Broadcom in talks to buy VMware

Read More: Investor Relations at VMware

Read More: Broadcom and VMware: Investing for customer value

27:29 | Intel Dominates the News Cycle

With Pat Gelsinger firmly at the reins of Intel there was tons of news, both up and down, about the chip making giant. The Rundown was there for all of it, from the spin-out of the SSD business with SK Hynix to Solidigm to the end of Optane and the announcement of new fabs in Ohio and Germany and advanced process nodes, including for third party manufacturing. But the biggest news was the extended delay of Sapphire rapids and other products and news of cost cuts and job losses.

Read More: Solidigm Rises as Intel Sells SSD Business to SK Hynix

Read More: Intel 4 Process Node In Detail: 2x Density Scaling, 20% Improved Performance

Read More: Never Ending Story: Intel’s Sapphire Rapids (maybe) comes in the 12th Stepping – Planned shipping, a growing bug list and possible availability | Exclusive

Read More: Gelsinger is Still Trying to Build The Next Intel

Read More: Intel has a secret club in the cloud for devs to try out new chips – and you ain’t in it

Read More: The next big thing? Intel CEO shows off this ‘slideable’ PC

Read More: Intel’s Habana Labs lays off 10% of workforce

Read More: Intel forced to cut jobs and spending as revenue continues to decline

Read More: One New Feature for Intel’s HPC Compute Engines: Contrition

Read More: Is Intel Going To Drop Optane?

Read More: Intel: Third-gen Optane to be announced in the coming weeks

Read More: Intel at 3D exit point: Alas poor Optane, I knew it well

Read More: Intel Optane $559M Impairment with Q2 2022 Wind-Down

31:28 | The Economy Is Complicated

The greater economy was driven by some geopolitical news this year as well as some smaller shifts in the tech industry that we quickly wanted to cover for you.

Read More: These Are All The Big Companies Pulling Out Of Russia Right Now

Read More: Venture capitalists issue startup funding warning

Read More: Oracle quietly closes $28B deal to buy electronic health records company Cerner

Read More: Introducing the Unified Cloud Fabric

Read More: Cisco shakeup: Networking chief Todd Nightingale to helm Fastly

39:08 | Looking Ahead to 2023

Networking Field Day 30 – January 18 through January 20, 2023

Cloud Field Day 16 – January 25 through January 27, 2023

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