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Ransomware Defense- Pro Tips

Ransomware attacks are rampant everywhere, but contrary to popular expectation, there isn’t enough information out there on how to guard enterprise assets against a potential attack. If you search the Internet, you’ll probably find only a handful of reading materials that are penned by experts and one of them is Ransomware Defense Tips on where you will find scores of other articles on technology and ransomware security. The author of the blog, Melissa Palmer is an independent technology analyst, a veteran in ransomware security and a Tech Field Day delegate. In her blog, she shares her best advice on ransomware protection.

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Debunking a common misconception, she writes,

When it comes to ransomware, there is no one product or solution that will protect you from every threat out there.  Terms like ransomware protection and ransomware protection are thrown around all the time, but the truth is they are a myth.

Read the rest of her blog – Ransomware Defense Tips, or check out the presentations from our recent Security Field Day event to widen your knowledge on ransomware attacks and be advised on how to best shield your assets from them.

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