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The Network Binds the Increasingly Distributed Datacenter

The network connects everything – the datacenter, the public cloud, the edge and everything in between. It has the surprising power to connect everyday objects like the home thermostat or a kindle on the go to the Internet. And for organizations, it links the users to the enterprise, and acts as the glue that holds a disparate and distributed infrastructure together.

Image: Sulagna Saha (c) Gestalt IT

Technology journalist and Field Day delegate, Jeffrey Burt establishes this in his article “THE NETWORK BINDS THE INCREASINGLY DISTRIBUTED DATACENTER”. In the article, he chronicles the journey of PlumGrid, a networking startup and its founder Pere Monclus, as he captures the evolution of networking through the recent years. He writes,

Before founding software-defined networking startup PlumGrid and then moving to VMware when it bought his company in 2016, Pere Monclus spent almost 12 years with Cisco Systems at a time when while much of enterprise networking was still in the corporate datacenter, the shift to network virtualization and the migration to the cloud were getting underway.

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