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Top Cybersecurity Threats and Countermeasures in 2023

Enterprise cybersecurity teams are under increased pressure to devise new ways to secure the digital perimeter, and safeguard the assets within. Faced with a tidal wave of nefarious attacks and evolving techniques, they are expected to do more with less.

As sophisticated threats proliferate, making way for more complex attacks, security executives need to rethink their approach and come up with breakthrough strategies that will optimize security and foster trust between organizations and stakeholders.

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In a recently posted article titled “The top five cybersecurity issues in 2023 and five ways to protect yourself and your business”, Brian Greenberg, CTO and partner at Fortium Partners, gives the readers a rundown of the most worrying threats of 2023.

In his article, Greenberg highlights ways in which organizations can arm themselves against those threats, and ensure that a cyber incident is not smoothly orchestrated in their territory. He writes,

The average cost of a data breach last year was $9.44MM. Of those companies that did suffer a breach, 60% were forced into bankruptcy within six months. No one wants to end up a statistic like that. Hence, the priority of cybersecurity has increased as a growing concern for businesses in all industries.

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