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UnifabriX Announced CXL 3.0-Based Smart Memory Node

UnifabriX, a 2020 startup from Israel laser-focused on CXL, came out of stealth with the first-in-the-market Smart Memory Node based on CXL 3.0. The company gave its first live demo at SC22, the international conference for HPC computing in November.

Image: Sulagna Saha (c) Gestalt IT

UnifabriX is the first company to develop a performance-focused CXL-based system, leveling the misalignment between processor and memory. The Smart Memory Node promises heavy performance uplifts for datacenters handling HPC workloads. With its high-performance memory pooling and sharing, and high bandwidth, datacenter operators now have a proven way to overcome performance bottlenecks.

Blocks & Files’ Chris Mellor covers this in his recently posted article – “Startup UnifabriX exits stealth model with CXL 3.0 Smart Memory device demo” He writes,

UnifabriX was started in January 2020 by Hyatt and CTO Danny Volkind. Seed funding was provided by VCS and angel investors. Hyatt is an ex-platform architect in Intel’s Data Center Group who joined Huawei as a Smart Platforms CTO in 2018. He left to launch UnifabriX. Volkind was a system architect at Intel and was employed by Huawei as a Chief Architect. Both were at PMC Sierra before Intel and attended Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology.

Give the article – “Startup UnifabriX exits stealth model with CXL 3.0 Smart Memory device demo” a read to know more about the technology. For more breaking news and immersive discussions on CXL, be sure to watch our Utilizing CXL series.

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