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10 VMware Interview Questions (And Answers)

Ahhh, the dreaded technical interview. While a simple Google search will serve up thousands of pages to help you ace a simple or behavioral interview, the technical interview is a different beast.

I spent years as a Career Coach preparing career-changers for positions in the IT industry. Even those students who graduated at the top of their class could lose all confidence in front of a room full of techies and an empty whiteboard. What I found after students reported back on hundreds of interviews is the same analysis that Graham Barker of discusses below. Most hiring managers want to see your approach to technical problems based on the foundation of knowledge you’ve accumulated; it’s a bonus if you answer the question “correctly.”

Graham Barker comments:

For many, applying for a new job is a stressful experience. Before the interview, we can find ourselves worrying about if we know enough for the technical review stage. The truth is that the interview should be about how you tackle a question and work through it, rather than getting the answer exactly right. Even with this in mind, there are some VCP level questions which you need to be able to answer correctly.

Disclaimer: Many of the answers below are “rabbit holes” which would take hours …

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