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20 Things You Need to Stop Doing in 2020

Every so often, I read something that jumps through my monitor, smacks me across the face, and forces me to reflect on my choices. This end-of-the-year post by Thomas LaRock did just that. He truly knocked it out of the park by calling out all of the silly choices we make and describing how these actions are hurtful to ourselves and our businesses.

As a “gift” to all of us, Thomas details the top 20 things that we need to stop doing in 2020.  From ignoring ransomware to arguing with people on the Internet, there are several solid nuggets in this post that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did.

Thomas LaRock comments:

For years I have written a year end post about things that didn’t happen to me for the previous twelve months . This year I’ve decided to pivot that theme. Instead of a post all about me, it’s now a post about you. Well, you and all the stupid and horrible things you do all year long.

So, here’s my year end post, my gift to you, a list of 20 things you need to stop doing in 2020. You’re welcome.

Using antiquated technology

The line in the sand for me right now are the ages of my children. …

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