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Creating Conspicuously Compelling Content

Tom Hollingsworth is no stranger to content creation. In addition to being an Event Lead for the popular Tech Field Day event series, he constantly churns out content for both and his own blog at I often wonder how he squeezes 30 hours into each day, and how he manages to balance everything, let alone come up with ideas for each post he writes.

In this piece, Tom discusses his process and some tips and techniques for great content creation. As usual, when I read his posts, I not only learned a few things from this post, but also giggled several times because Tom’s no-nonsense, yet light-hearted, writing style tickles the funny bone.

Tom Hollingsworth comments:

It’s funny how little things change in the middle of big, world changing experiences. I’ve noticed that my daily blog viewership has gone down, as have many other folks I’ve talked to. The number of people reading has been reduced for some reason. However the number of video views of content on other platforms like Youtube has gone up dramatically. It’s almost like the people that were reading because they wanted to get a quick digest now have the free time to watch a whole video on a topic.

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Tiffany Lardomita

Tiffany is an avid reader, marketer, and educator with over 10 years of experience in the online content development space. Combining her love for technology with an eye for detail, she leads Gestalt IT’s content creation projects. She enjoys cooking, making elaborate pieces of jewelry, and daydreaming on her deck. Follow her on Twitter at @Tiffany_ANV.