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Optimize Zoom Audio Settings for a Remote Music Lesson

Remote work has presented a set of challenges that many hadn’t considered before… Investing in high-quality microphones, using laptop stands to avoid the inevitable pounds that cameras pack on, and the new reality of hearing and seeing your manager in your home during video meetings.

In a piece by Phil Gervasi, he discusses something good that has come out of our current reality. It’s an idea that might prevent harried parents from speeding to chauffeur kids to lessons after school: Can you actually conduct music lessons over a conferencing system like Zoom? Network Phil’s short video provides solid tips on how he optimizes audio for Zoom remote music lessons.

Phil Gervasi comments:

During the coronavirus self-quarantine, my kids have been taking advantage of video conferencing for many of their classes. In the very brief video below,  I go through a few of the settings I select in Zoom to optimize the audio quality for my daughters’ piano lessons.

If you’re a music teacher or student, the most important thing you can do to improve your audio is to invest in a relatively inexpensive external microphone. The built-in microphone in your laptop or desktop computer has very…

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