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Quick Take: Google and Patient Healthcare Records

In an age where we willingly trade our privacy for the convenience of fast and relevant search results, it’s safe to assume that our most sensitive data will be stored somewhere within large companies. With the advent of Google Cloud, healthcare companies like Ascension are now leveraging public cloud infrastructure and services to build patient data repositories. While on the surface it looks like another data grab by the giant ad and surveillance machine, Google, we are told that Google Cloud will strictly follow all regulations related to storing patient information.

As Drew Conry-Murray comments:

The news that Google had gained access to the healthcare records of millions of people rippled across the Internet and news media and–rightly–raised concerns about what the data-collecting, ad-serving, all-knowing Google might do with this deeply sensitive information. As the reporting carried on, however, it was made clear that this was not a nefarious data […]

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