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Remote Working for Newbies

A few weeks ago, I was on vacation without a care in the world. It was a refreshing time, being delighted by new sights and sounds while breathing in that mountain air. The trip did wonders for my mental health and after a couple of epiphanies, I was eager to get back to the office and dig back into work. Never would I have imagined that in a few short weeks, I’d be setting up a home office and sharing space with a new coworker (an out-of-school teenager with a big appetite) who was also “working” remotely.

Adjusting to a new paradigm isn’t easy. And while many of us are hoping it’s temporary, some hope that “WFH” can be a more permanent situation. In this piece by Mike Talon, you’ll discover some tips to help you stay productive, positive, and professional, even if you’re working in pajama pants.

Mike Talon comments:

In my career, I have been rather lucky in that I have nearly always worked remotely. Companies I have worked for based in California or Israel often found it more economical to just cover my home Internet expenses than set up a physical office near me and the few other folks who worked in the area.

For those new to remote work, here’s a few tips I’ve had good experiences with over the years:
Set aside space: Even though you’re not in the office, you’re still at work. Claim some space in your home or apartment…

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