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100% Cable Patching in the Closet?

Michael McNamara comments on his blog:

Instead let’s talk about patching in the closet, sometimes referred to as the ICR (Intermediate Communications Room) but more often referred to as the IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame).   There are a few different mindsets when it comes to patching the data jack to the network switch. Some organizations, including my new employer, believe in 100% patching to eliminate the need for any local technician to patch ports. Some organizations believe in running lots of cabling, and only patching what’s needed at that point in time. In July 2012 I showed off some of the closets that I personally built and others that I inherited in a post titled, Wiring Closets — Done Right!

Here’s a post that’s sure to stir up some debate. How do you patch your wiring closets?

Read more at: 100% Cable Patching in the Closet?

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