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802.11ax Remote Packet Captures Using the Jetson Nano

Sometimes you just want to see frames. If you’re a networking person you know that the frames have all the data you need. And to get those frames you need the packets. But how do you capture packets for a protocol that’s brand new?

Enter a clever solution from François Verges! He’s using an NVIDIA Jetson Nano microcomputer dev kit with an Intel 802.11ax wireless card to get the info that you want about these hot new Wi-Fi 6 frames. This post has a ton of great pictures!

François also breaks down the process to get everything running:

The benefit of using the Jetson Nano (and the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card) to perform 802.11ax packet capture is that you get a lot more information in the RadioTap Header you get.
The benefit of doing it remotely is that you never need to directly interact with the Jetson Nano OS (no need for keyboards, screens nor mouses)

Get ready to fire up your new toy and get some of those sweet 11ax frames!

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