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CopyData yeah… Long live Data Virtualization

Keith Townsend 0f Virtualized Geek comments:

I got into interesting sets of exchanges over CopyData with the fine folks of Actifio and Catalogic Software. In general, I’m a fan of the concept of CopyData software. Both solutions reduce the amount of production data on storage (which is up to 60% of all enterprise data) using technics such as snapshots, redirection and replication. Both companies have plenty of material to reference. Catalogic presented at Storage Field Day 7, and I wrote a preview before I attended the event. Actifio attended Tech Field Day 4 way back when. If you want to get into the technical weeds, follow the links to their Tech Field Day presentations.



Keith has a unique take on the CopyData offering from these Storage Field Day 7 presenters. Read on for his Architect’s View of things.

Read more at: CopyData yeah… Long live DATA Virtualization

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