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CoreOS Fires a Rocket Up Docker’s ****

Nigel Poulton of Technical Deep Dive comments:

Quickly setting the scene……. Containers are rocking the IT world. I think they’re the next generation of virtualisation technology. And I think in time they’ll supersede the virtual machine as the dominant runtime environment for applications. And Docker is emerging as the de facto standard in this new world of containers. And that’s all well and good. But amid all the hype surrounding containers and Docker, CoreOS decided it didn’t like what it was seeing, and launched a containers standard of its own called Rocket!

So…… let’s take a closer look……

The Docker/Rocket fight isn’t over by a longshot. There is too much at stake in the app virtualization space for either of them to just cave in. Expect to see some concessions on both sides soon to address issues. Read more at: CoreOS Fires a Rocket Up Docker’s ****

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