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Dating, Identity and IoT

Chris Lyttle of WiFi Kiwi’s Blog comments:

As I lie in bed some nights, I sometimes am awake with a gazillion ideas revolving around in my brain. One of the things that jumped out at me the other night was how online dating was similar to the Internet of Things (IoT). Bear with me a bit while I explain what I mean. Online dating has changed a lot since it first surfaced in the late 1990’s and has now become almost the de facto goto for those looking for a relationship. Well apart from bars, they are still doing very well as meeting up places. The problem a lot of people have is one of identity with online dating. How to know that person who’s picture you are looking at is the person for you? To fix this information asymmetry most dating sites require you to fill out in some level of detail identifying information about yourself that others can use to assess if they wish to begin a relationship with you.

A very interesting parallel from Chris. Internet of Things is all about the relationships.

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