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Effect of Transmit Power Changes on AP Cell Sizing

Nigel Bowden of Wifi Nigel comments:

There’s a well known rule of thumb when planning wireless LAN networks which states that for every 6dB increase in AP transmit power, the coverage distance of the AP doubles, This is obviously assuming there are no obstacles to limit or reduce coverage – it assumes a clear path and considers the effect of Free Space Path Loss (FSPL). Nonetheless, it is a useful rule of thumb for planning. Although doubling coverage with 6dB is useful, I thought it might be interesting to look at the effect of increasing power by other increments too, to see the (theoretical) effect on coverage.

Exhaustive analysis and math(!) shows how you can have an affect on the size of AP cells from something as simple as varying the transmit power. Great work!

Read more at: Effect of Transmit Power Changes on AP Cell Sizing

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