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FCC DA 14-1444 aka The Marriott Containment Settlement

Luke Jenkins of comments:

On Friday the FCC published DA 14-1444 consisting of an Order and a Consent Decree. Marriott, or specifically the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, was de-authenticating customer mobile hotspots in the conference areas of the property. This angered our FCC overlords. The ruling has sparked a huge amount of discussion on Twitter.

You can read the FCC order and consent decree here:

And the statement from Marriott here:

Opinions on twitter have been quite mixed. There are some who think that Marriott is evil for interfering with the use of personal devices; and others who think that by simply using up precious RF resources, these devices are pose a security risk and the de-authing is justified.

MiFi devices can cause issues in the wireless spectrum. But unless you’re blocking them in a hospital, where it’s a safety concern, you can’t just jam them in a commercial setting to sell WiFi to your customers.

Read more at: FCC DA 14-1444 aka The Marriott Containment Settlement

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