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Fluke Networks — 802.11ac & flying drones…

Peter Paul Engelen of The Dutch WiFi Fella writes:

I am glad that they started the presentation about their history of innovation, starting in y2000 with their world’s first WiFi field tester; Waver Runner…and after 14 years the lauch of 802.11ac within AirMagnet…they truly keep the indispendable WiFi networks alive.!

AirMagnet Mission: Networks leaders need to redesign their WLAN’s to address the proliferation of personal mobile devices in the workspace, deploy WLAN’s that currently support three devices per user so that they are robust enough to support Voice,Video and Collaboration.

Great recap of the Fluke Networks presentation from Wireless Field Day 7. The demonstration of detecting Google Glass and remote drones especially brought to light new challenges.

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