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Hiding in Plain Sight

Everyone loves finding something special that requires just a little extra perception. Whether it’s the Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland or the sailboat in a magic eye poster. One thing that’s quite fun for networking and wireless professionals to find is the way that organizations try to hide access points. It’s important to provide fast, free, and frictionless Wi-Fi connectivity to your users and customers. But do you have to do it in a way that sticks out like a sore thumb?

Ian Beyer is a fan of playing this game too, so when the opportunity arose to have a little fun and provide functionality to a church, he leapt at the chance. His blog post details the process of hiding a Ruckus AP so well you’d never know it was there. Plus, lots of pictures as well! As he states in the post:

After pondering the problem as well as observing drawings and renderings, I happened upon the architectural lighting elements in the plan that were mounted on each of the columns. I dug into the design of these and discovered that they were a pair of LED fixtures concealed inside some finish carpentry with a textured plastic surface. And most importantly, there was an empty space in the middle between the two light fixtures that measured about 20cm square by 40cm high, and centered approximately 8 feet off the floor.

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