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The Power of Expertise at Ventev

If I asked you to build a table you might be able to figure it out. You’d look for drawings or some other kind of plans online and get to work. Maybe you’re the kind of person that will just start cutting some lumber and figuring out how to put it together. If I asked you to build a computer desk with integrated power, motors to raise it to a standing desk, and some LED lighting for ambiance you might have a hard time, right? After all you’re not an expert in building desks with all those additional features that have to work well together.

The expertise that people have in their chosen field cannot be understated. The time and effort that professionals put in when it comes to learning the regulations, analyzing the data, and making expert recommendations is beyond useful to those that need it. We go to doctors and lawyers for their expert opinions. Likewise, when it comes to IT solutions you need to consult with the experts as well.

The Antenna Experts

Ventev is a company that is experienced in the field of wireless antennas and power. They have spent years building solutions for organizations that need something more than a standard omnidirectional antenna for a wireless access point. Perhaps you’re trying to cover the seating at a stadium. You could be trying to deal with a room that has solid ceilings that can’t be modified. Perhaps you’re looking to deploy the new Wi-Fi 6E standard when it is ratified for use by the FCC and you don’t know the first place to start.

Ventev has spent thousands of hours building solutions for these problems. They know exactly how to engineer an antenna to operate in all three spectrum bands available to wireless professionals today. One antenna that covers all your needs. They also have specialized solutions to address things like the solid ceilings. Ventev can give you a way to conceal the equipment in a floor tile to make the wireless coverage flow up instead of down.

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The Challenges of IoT

In a recent interview with Jared van Allen, I talked to him about the solutions that Ventev has for one of the fastest growing segments of the market. IoT is more than just thermostats and smart toasters. Industrial IoT is one of the biggest segments of Venter’s customer base. Their solutions for a variety of hostile environments are unmatched. It starts with the understanding of how to integrate systems.

The Aruba CX4100iis a rugged IoT access switch with PoE+ and 60-watt PoE ports to run all manner of devices, from access points to cameras and more. It can operate in a variety of environmental extremes and offers you the capability to extend your network right to the edge to bring industrial IoT devices online. However, the switch is only part of the story. As Jared points out, if you buy a switch and an access point you have an angry customer because you don’t have a way to power those devices.

Ventev has an integrated enclosure solution that offers a cooled NEMA 3R box to contain your new Aruba switch. The enclosure also has AC and DC power as well as an integrated UPS to ensure that your devices stay powered during a potential outage. More importantly, the CX4100i and the UPS can communicate and use intelligence to know which ports of the switch to disable to preserve runtime for connected devices. You can tag certain ports to shut down in the event of a power loss first and preserve other ports with critical machinery as long as possible. This ensures flexibility and can keep your remote devices running longer than a less capable system.

The entire unit makes it easy to install as well. You can configure the switch on the ground by hooking up the box to power before climbing up to mount it. As someone that has found themselves typing in CLI commands from the top of a shaky ladder I can appreciate the simplicity of being able to do it from the ground to allow someone without a fear of heights to scale that ladder and get your device mounted and operational. Add in the IP68 connectors for your connections and you can see how the Ventev enclosure is a much more serene environment as compared to the typical hostile atmosphere found on a shop or manufacturing floor.

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Bringing It All Together

Ventev has the experts and the expertise to help you with your challenges. They know how to put together a winning combination of antenna designs, power, and more to solve your wireless and IoT needs. They don’t just start building without doing the research and providing the data you need to address your unique concerns. When it comes to projects that challenge your knowledge don’t be afraid to engage the power of those that know.

For more information about Ventev and their lineup of IoT solutions, including their integrated IoT solutions, make sure to check out their Aruba product page.

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