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Homeserver, Container Edition

It’s Christmas time, and if you need a project to keep you busy while everyone is racing to the end of the year, you can’t go wrong with something simple and useful. If you want to play around with containers and getting some services up and running for your home or your home lab, so much the better.

Gian Paolo Boarina has done a great job of building out a home server running on an Intel NUC with Docker and some other great stuff. He’s got a post with the parts and the programming you need to make it happen.

Gian Poalo Boarina comments in his post:

I considered running ESXi on the NUC but it’s 2020, VMs are the old way. As a personal challenge I decided to run all the software I need in containers. After testing Docker and Podman for a few days I decided to start with Docker because it has a wider adoption and it’s easy to find ready to use docker-compose files.

Read more at his blog here: Homeserver, container edition

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