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Infinio setup: Part 2 the manament interface

Arjan Timmerman of VDICLOUD.NL comments:

Last week I wrote  the first part for the infinio setup. I promised I would write a part two about how to create an I/O workload to put your setup Infinio environment to the test. After setting up a couple of workloads on different OS’es my Italian friend  Luca Dell’Orca  wrote a post onVirtualToTheCore  about what to use to create I/O workloads. After reading the post “My new I/O Test Virtual Machine” I decided to change my environment to create a more trustworthy workload.

Arjan continues to dive into the Infinio Accelerator. This is a great series for those that want to see how easy it is to set up in an environment.

Read more at: Infinio setup: Part 2 the manament interface

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