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Justin Warren on SolidFire

Justin Warren of Eigenmagic writes:

Dave from SolidFire was impressive.

He had a quiet confidence that comes from knowing exactly what he’s doing. He knows his own product very well, which he should, but he also knows a lot about competitor products, and the market in generally. He was able to talk about all of them with the cool detachment that comes from focussed competence.

Go watch the videos. This is what really smart, competent people look like when they’re talking about their area of expertise. He’s the CEO, so you expect him to be a decent salesman for his product. He has to convince customers to buy his stuff, but he also has to convince employees to work for him, and investors to invest in him and the company. CEO is a sales job first and foremost. But Dave also knows the technology very, very well.

Dave’s presentation was great. Read on for Justin’s take on what SolidFire had to say.

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