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Lessons Learned From A Recent 10 Hour Cutover

We’ve all been in a cutover situation before. We have a tight maintenance window and a long list of things to get done. If it’s a hardware installation the time pressure is even more intense because we have to get it all hooked up and tested before we hit our rollback window. Even if you do all the hard work ahead of time you may find yourself in the middle of the night facing issues you didn’t see coming.

Ryan Harris found himself in a similar situation recently swapping out some hardware. He staged it all properly and was ready for the big cutover day. However, by the end of the night he’d found himself with a few extra lessons learned along the way. As Ryan puts it:

Although this workflow has been tested multiple times in the lab prior to go-live, reality hit like a 18-ton mac truck barreling down the highway. We had problems with every step in the process but we believe we’ve developed solutions to counteract or side-step every problem we faced.

Make sure you read his article to find out the lessons he learned and why some things that seem easy to pull off in a lab turn into bigger issues in production. Hopefully these lessons help you during your next cutover adventure.

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