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Lessons Learned: Xirrus & the 2425H Array

Drew Lentz of Wireless Nerd comments:

When I went to weatherproof the TNC connectors on the bottom of this unit, I learned something: bring patience … or heat shrink tubing, a pair of scissors, and a heat gun. I opted for patience, as it was my first time doing this. The connectors on the bottom of the unit are grouped 4 together and leave very little room for weatherproofing and fingers. In retrospect, if I had some tubing and heat gun, it would’ve taken me 10 minutes tops instead of the 45 per device.
Also, as a bonus, there is lip created by the equipment cover on one side (the front face of the array) that makes it extra difficult to get your digits in there, so if you choose to go the route I did, get ready for some top-of-knuckle pain.

These are some excellent tips that you need to be aware of when deploying this array. If it saves you from one busted knuckle, it’s worth the read.

Read more at: Lessons Learned: Xirrus & the 2425H Array

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