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Load balancing large flows on multi-path networks

Peter Phaal of sFlow comments:

The graph in Figure 1 summarizes results from topologies with 2, 3 and 4 equal cost paths. For example, the Mininet topology in Figure 2 has two equal cost paths of 10Mbit/s (shown in blue and red). The iperf traffic generator was used to create a continuous stream of 20 second flows from h1 to h3 and from h2 to h4. If traffic were perfectly balanced, each flow would achieve 10Mbit/s throughput. However, Figure 1 shows that the throughput obtained using hash based ECMP load balancing is approximately 6.8Mbit/s. Interestingly, the average link throughput decreases as additional paths are added, dropping to approximately 6.2Mbit/s with four equal cost paths (see the blue bars in Figure 1).

Amazingly technical article about the impact of load balancing multiple “elephant” flows on multi path networks. Must read!

Read more at: Load balancing large flows on multi-path networks

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