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Nutanix 4.1 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing) — Part 1

Andre Leibovici of comments:

Today Nutanix announced the first part of a multi-month announcement for NOS 4.1. This release is mostly focused on enhancements for the areas of resiliency, security, disaster recovery, analytics, supportability and management. However, even being a ‘dot’ release, NOS 4.1 delivers very important features, and  in my option this version has enough meat to actually even be considered a major release.

It’s been only 5 months since NOS 4.0 was announced with the introductions of Hybrid On-Disk De-Duplication, Failure Domain Awareness, Disaster Recovery for Hyper-V, Snapshot Scheduling, One-Click NOS Upgrade and others. If you missed the NOS 4.0 release announcement read about it at Nutanix 4.0 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing).

Andre digs right in to the new features in the latest Nutanix release. The best reviews are the ones that tell you why a feature is important to you, not just to the marketing folks. Read on to hear what’s changed in 4.1.

Read more at: Nutanix 4.1 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing) — Part 1

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