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Questions I’m Asking Myself About SD-WAN Solutions

Ethan Banks of The Peering Introvert comments:

If I was evaluating SD-WAN, I’d be asking these questions and more in the exploration phase. Then if I moved into a trial phase, I’d make a long list of specific business goals to meet and application behaviors to expect when implementing the solution. And then I’d get medieval, breaking it any way that I could think of to see how the system recovers, up to and including blasting the SD-WAN endpoints with both too much volume and too many unique flows. What happens when you try to kill the tunnel endpoints? All useful stuff to find out before you commit to a vendor providing you with technology you’ll likely come to rely on heavily once it’s in place and working.

Ethan has some great questions for the people making SD-WAN solutions. Some of these were answered at Networking Field Day 9, so check out those videos to see more!

Read more at: Questions I’m Asking Myself About SD-WAN Solutions

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