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SMB on steroids but CIFS lord isn’t pleased

Chin-Fah Heoh from Storage Gaga comments:

I am one of the guilty parties who continues to use CIFS (Common Internet File System) to represent the Windows file sharing protocol. And a lot of vendors continue to use the “CIFS” word loosely without knowing that it was a something from a bygone era. One of my friends even pronounced it as “See Fist“, which sounded even funnier when he said it. (This is for you Adrian M!)

And we couldn’t be more wrong because we shouldn’t be using the CIFS word anymore. It is so 90′s man! And the tell-tale signs have already been there but most of us chose to ignore it with gusto. But a recent SNIA Webinar titled “SMB 3.0 — New opportunities for Windows Environment” aims to dispel our incompetence and change our CIFS-venture to the correct word — SMB (Server Message Block).

Great read about the changes in SMB 3.0. SMB is shaping up to be Microsoft’s secret weapon against VMware when it comes to storage. Just don’t call it CIFS

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  • […] While SMB 3.0 was released in 2012, I think it went mainstream in the enterprise in 2013, and by Q3/Q4 & with further revisions courtesy of 2012 R2, it’s reached hero status. Not only is it Microsoft’s answer to NFS, it’s arguably superior to it. Indeed, by the latter half of the year, EMC -which owns VMWare!- was calling SMB 3.0 the future of storage. Don’t call it CIFS anymore!  […]

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