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#StorageGlory Achieved : 30 Days on a Windows SAN

Jeff Wilson of Agnostic Computing comments:

Right. So a couple weeks back I teased the hardware specs of the new  storage array I built for the Daisetta Lab at home.

My idea was to combine all types of disks -rotational 3.5″ & 2.5″ drives, SSDs, mSATAs, hell, I considered USB- into one tight, well-built  storage box for my lab and home data needs. A sort of Storage Ark, if you will; all media types  were welcome, but only if they came in twos (for mirroring & Parity sake, of course).

And onto this unholy motley crue of hard disks I slapped a software architecture that promised to abstract all the driver, interface, and controller nonsense away, far, far away in fact, to a  place  state-of-mind  called software-defined storage.

Windows. SAN. If those two words made your blood run cold, you need to check out Jeff’s setup in the lab. He’s on to something here.

Read more at: #StorageGlory Achieved : 30 Days on a Windows SAN

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