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Technology and Policymakers

You know technology, right? You know how everything works together and how best to make it all behave. And if people would just listen to you then the world would be a better place. Especially those silly people that write policies that you have to follow. Who do they think they are?

You might be shocked to learn that those same silly policymakers think the same thing about tech people. If only they understood the importance of crafting and following policy and stopped focusing on something crazy like tech all the time the world would be a better, easier place.

Bruch Schneier understands this divide all too well. As one of the luminaries in the security space, he knows that both sides re going to need to come to the middle to figure things out. The world needs a hybrid of technologies that understand how to create policy to cover emerging technologies such as AI. Bruce puts it very succinctly here:

There are already professionals who straddle the worlds of technology and policy. They come from the social sciences and from computer science. They work in data science, or tech policy, or public-focused computer science. They worked in Bush and Obama’s White House, or in academia and NGOs. The problem is that there are too few of them; they are all exceptions and they are all exceptional. We need to find them, support them, and scale up whatever the process is that creates them.

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