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The Epic Wi-Fi Christmas Story

Lee Badman of wirednot comments:

It was supposed to be a grand Christmas season for the kids in Dipolville. Every child had put their best respects and emojis in the Dropbox, hoping that Fresnel Claus would bring them new PMKs for their stockings on that most wondrous of nights. And Fresnel Claus was happy to oblige- or rather he would have been, had it not been for the black-hearted Vizwar.

You’ve never heard of Vizwar? He was just the meanest damn ex-elf you could ever hope to not meet, I tellya. One day, Fresnel Claus’ favorite elves were building new SNMP strings. These were the best elves of all; there was Yagi, and Dot-One-X, and Phy. Qam should have been there too, but he got delayed at the border with some weird junk in his hoodie. So Fresnel Claus asked Vizwar to sit in for Qam, and this is where the trouble started…

Lee spins a wonderful yarn about wireless and the yuletide season.

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