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Jason Edelman of writes:

Have you ever used IP SLA to monitor an Internet connection?   If the upstream router goes down that is monitored with good ‘ol ping, a route is injected to take a different path.   Let’s go out on a limb and say, you are programming the router with IP SLA commands to use a backup path if your primary path is down.   Network people can program, see that?   As a network CLI programmer, you can even do conditional route advertisements, policy routing, and a whole lot more!   Now just imagine having a more complete view of network and application state and creating a better ‘if then’ statement than ‘if ping fails’ on one router, or ‘if a route is lost,’  ‘then make a change on one device.’ Envision taking data inputs from various data sources and making more intelligent routing (as one example) changes.

Using analytics data to create more intelligent networking decisions? By jove, I think he’s got it! Jason sees how providing information to the network can result in higher order thinking about configuration.

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